January 4, 2021

To download our client via magnet Click HERE
To download our client via Torrent file Click HERE
Note: If you are using your own client, then you'd need to change your realmlist to "Set realmlist".

Note: DO NOT login using your email address in the game client. only use your username you registered with,
otherwise you will make the client think you are trying to connect to blizzard servers instead of our server.

Note: We have added some addon's to the client, which you can disable, if you want to.

The addons are as follows
  • Auctionlite
  • DBM
  • FishingBuddy
  • GTFO
  • MikScrollingBattleText
  • Postal
  • QuestHelper
  • SexyMap
  • TomTom

Disable Addon - AuctionLite.


  1. Open Interface Menu and click Addons.
  2. Click QuestHelper, and enable under miscellaneous options. ToolTip Info, Show Flight Times, Show Travel Times.
  3. Click Interface, In Waypoint Arrow Options, Uncheck Enable.
  4. Now Click Plugins, and Check Waypoint Arrow for TomTom Options